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Forsaken Love

Alone. Destined to be forever alone on in this horrid temple floating in the skies. She'd been living in the dreadful thing for as long as she could remember, not even aging as she did. All because she'd fallen in love with the wrong man.


Jacquelyn found herself dreaming of him again, awaiting the day that he would come and rescue her from her father's prison. He'd promised her that he would never forget her, even upon his death. So there she sat on the lone little rock, waiting for her love to come.

Years ago, Neal had come to her kingdom as a servant to the Lord Yates. Her father, King Jack, was a dear friend of his. Neal met Jacquelyn at the ball, celebrating Lord Yates' engagement to her sister, Jessica. In his excitement, Lord Yates' had allowed all of his servants to attend the ball. Neal was awestruck at Princess Jacquelyn's beauty the moment he saw her. Her gown, flowing all around her in vibrant colors of gold and pink; her hair, cascading in delicate curls around her face; and her smile, sparkling brilliantly in a way that no one could miss. Neal told her over and over that he loved her smile.

They danced until their shoes were falling from their feet that night, only resting to breathe. They chose to ignore the others status that night, picking instead to enjoy their company. Jacquelyn was swept off her feet by his kind and gentle words, while Neal fell in love with her bright face and elegant ways.

It was the next day before things started to fall apart. After a wonderful brunch together in the gardens, Neal and Jacquelyn made their way to the castle, seemingly forgetting about their roles as a servant and a princess. King Jack found them laughing about, and boy was he furious. Jacquelyn could still remember his angry roars that would forever haunt her sleep.

He was a prideful man, wanting his daughter to marry into royalty rather than poverty. Jacqueline fought against him with all she had, but it was no use. His mind was set. Neal was sent away, along with his master, and Jacquelyn was sent to this floating cage to forever stay until a suitor more appropriate came along to marry King Jack's oldest daughter.

She waited and waited for what felt like an eternity, but no one came. It seemed that no one dared to ask her hand in marriage, scared of her frightening father. Jacquelyn slowly began to lose hope that Neal was coming for her. After all, he had no idea where she was. She even found herself wanting anyone to come, even another suitor. That would mean of course loving anyone other than her precious Neal, but even that would be better than spending the rest of her life in the floating temple.

She thought about this, now, as she sat on her favorite rock in the middle of the temple's courtyard area. It was then that she saw the incoming figure. Jacquelyn squinted into the distance, trying to make out the growing object. It only took her a moment to grin, running to the edge of the island. As she waved her arms around, the object came closer. Her grin grew bigger and bigger as it did.

"Hello?" The man stepped off of his strange vehicle, looking around him for the woman waving her arms. Jacquelyn ran over to him, throwing her arms on him in excitement. Ignoring the proper manners expected from a lady, she kissed him multiple times as tears of happiness ran down her face.

"You came! You came for me, Neal!" Jacquelyn exclaimed. He stared at her, eyes wide. Putting gentle hands on her hips to put a distance between them, he took a step back. This, of course, made all of her excitement disappear.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but my name is not Neal. My name is Oliver and I do not believe we've met." He bowed his head, leaning down to kiss the tips of her fingers. Jacquelyn's frown made him uneasy, though, and he immediately straightened up.
"Why are you all the way up here in the clouds?"

She didn't want to answer that. He wasn't her Neal, though he looked just like him. Another tear ran down her face, this time I sorrow.

"Don't fret! I can take you to this Neal. Where does he live?" Oliver was kind enough, she told herself, but he could never take her to Neal. Jacquelyn herself had no thoughts as to where he was. So she shook her head, allowing herself to be comforted by the nice man.

"If you're not my Neal, then why do you look like him?" Her newfound small voice asked him. The man shrugged, smiling at her comfortingly.

"I'm not sure, ma'am, but I do have an uncle whose name is Neal. He died years ago. Maybe he's the one you're looking for." Jacquelyn's eyes let more tears flow at the news. Her first love was dead, never to be seen again except for in the face of his nephew.

"May I ask again why you're all the way up here in the clouds?" Oliver asked her once again why she was hidden in the clouds, and this time she did answer.

"My father banished me here because I was in love with your uncle, Neal. He was only a mere servant, whereas I was a princess. My father didn't approve of us…" She found herself trailing off, breaking into sobs again. Oliver patted her back as she cried a small frown on his face.

"I'm sorry ma'am. If you'd like, I can fly you back to my home. You'd love it there. It's nice and cozy, and you can meet my sisters!" He seemed excited at the prospect of that, and, after some though, Jacquelyn realized that was much better than staying in the horrible temple.

"Fly?" Oliver nodded at her question, looking back at his vehicle.
"Neat, isn't it?" He didn't explain the contraption anymore, only led her aboard with some struggling.

The vehicle suddenly lifted from the ground and then they were flying. Flying! Jacquelyn couldn't believe it. How long had she been gone?

Hours later, the "aircraft" landed in an empty field of grass. Oliver helped her off of the plane, quickly leading her towards a house in the distance. Along the way, he explained to her about his house and his family, and what's happened since she had been banished to the island. It seemed to her that a lot had changed. It almost took her mind off of Neal for a little. Oliver introduced her to his family, two sisters, a mother and a father, and a cute little cat; and then he showed her his car.

"Interesting…" Jacquelyn circled the thing, taking in its features. Oliver grinned at her in excitement, climbing into the front seat. He gestured for her to get in too, before pulling into the road and driving down the dirt path.

"Where are we going?" She asked, gripping onto the door for dear life. Oliver laughed, pointing at a side pointing up.

"Into town; we might be able to make it to the afternoon service." It surprised Jacquelyn how comfortable he was with her. He had, after all, just found her on a floating island and she'd told him about being banished and loving his uncle. She couldn't help but laugh, though, seeing him stick his head out of the window and shout loudly. Oliver reminded her of Neal, and not only through his looks.

"You have to be quiet." He whispered to her once they had reached the church hall. Jacquelyn chuckled.
"I know what a service is, Oliver."

They sat silently for the rest of the beautiful service. She had missed them dearly. Service was once one of her favorite things. The songs and art used to be so special to her, and it was even more extravagant now.

"Whitechapel is one of the bigger cities in England. But it's very crowded, especially in the market area. I should show you!" Oliver definitely inherited Neal's hyperactivity. Jacquelyn laughed at him, following as he guided her towards the market.

Little did she know that they were being followed. A man, hearing Oliver tell her about Whitechapel, smirked, skulking through the dimming streets as the two made their way to the market area. He watched as Oliver bought Jacquelyn an orange and a single flower. She skipped along after him as if she really was with Neal. This man, knowing well of his family honor, listened carefully to the way she spoke and her garments. This is her, he thought, it must be.

"Wait here; I'll go get us some bread for supper." Oliver held a hand out to Jacquelyn, telling her to stay near the river. She nodded, smiling at the starlit river as it flowed past her bare feet. She felt like she had that day in the garden with Neal. They too had splashed their feet in the shallow fountain before her father had caught them.

"Who's there?" A rustling in the bushes nearby interrupted her thoughts, causing her to pull her feet from the water and stand up.

"Hello?" She asked cautiously. A tall dark man suddenly stepped from behind a large tree, something hidden behind his back.
"Good afternoon, auntie." Jacquelyn frowned in confusion. Did she know this man? He took a few steps towards her, an evil grin coming to his face as he chuckled.

"How do you know me? What do you want?" Her voice shook in fright, taking steps away from him.

"Only to fulfill my grandfather's dying wish. To kill his daughter if she ever escaped from the island." Jacquelyn's eyes widened and she took an unfortunate step forward.

"You knew my father?" She asked him. He took his chance, then, to lunge forward and stab her abdomen with his hidden knife. A quick scream escaped her lips as she went limp, blood flooding from her wound.

"Why are you doing this?" She mustered out, cringing when he gently brushed her light brown hair from her face. Her eyes shuttered for a moment, but she forced them open. He chuckled, holding her dying body up as she bled out.

"Fulfilling your fathers wish." He answered. She blinked again, taking in a shaky breath to speak.

"Who are you?" She asked. The man looked at her for a moment, tilting his head. A grin was still plastered to his tall face, but it turned to a smirk now.He held the knife to her throat, sliting her throat just as he answered her question.

"My name is Jack the Ripper, and I'm afraid it's your time to die."
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The Devil's Snare

"Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty."

― Holly Black, White Cat

From afar, the looming tower stuck out like a sore thumb. So you can imagine how it felt to stand below it, or even inside and look out at the surrounding lands. That's where Lucifer stood now, looking over his accomplishments with pride. His only wish was that mortals would bow before him in this hellish land. No mortal ever ventured into the "Devil's Snare", as they called his land. One would stumble along every once in a while and he would snatch them up like he hasn't eaten in years. Of course, he had his fun with them first. Lucifer liked to tempt them to his tower, only slightly prodding on the edges of free will. Then, once they had come, he would treat them as guests and earn their trust. And for the finale, he led them to the pit, where he allowed his biscuits three headed mutt to rip them to shreds.

He would, rarely, do the killing himself. The feeling and sight of one's soul leaving the body brought a certain natural high to him. But he reserved that for only the most special of victims. Lucifer felt that his current victim might be lucky enough to be chosen.

Gwen was not a bad kid, at least not on the outside. She put up a sweet, kind, and innocent face for the outside world, but her mind demented and sick. She often caught herself thinking twisted things like death and mayhem. That's what made her the perfect victim for Lucifer.

Seventeen year old Gwen had school that day. She got good grades, but dreaded school. There were too many people all trying to move around and socialize at the same time. It bothered her how social people were. That day was one if her especially loner days, as she spent most of it in a corner of the classroom, quietly doing her work. But once school let out, she was excited to meet her boyfriend, Steve, to study at her house.

"Hey there Gwenny." Steve smiled at her, pulling her closer for a kiss. She giggled, pulling away to hold hand. They smiled at each other in that loving way and for a moment, all of her dark thoughts vanished from her mind as they walked home together. They were soon replaced, however, with a slight pulling sensation in her naval.

"Are you okay?" Steve looked up from the freshly started Algebra homework to frown at her. Gwen nodded, giving him a smile as she went to stand up.

"I just need some air. Be right back." Steve nodded, kissing her quickly before going back to his studying. Smiling, Gwen stepped into her big backyard and walked in the direction of the forest. Her feet were guiding her themselves as she was lost in thoughts of Steve.

It seemed only a short while later that she stopped, when in reality she had been walking for over an hour. Once stopped, she looked at her surroundings in confusion. Where had she gone? Instead of the thick trunks of tall trees, tall stone spires surrounded her every side, with the exception of the giant tower in front of her. A volcano roared in the distance behind it, threatening to explode at any moment. But none of it scared her, only intrigued her.

"Hello?" With slight caution, Gwen stepped into the sky-touched tower. The entry hall was a large circular room, with only a staircase circling the walls. As she stepped forward, a voice came from nowhere and bounced off the walls, making it sound louder and louder.

"Miss Gwen; so nice to see you." Lucifer expected the girl to scream in fright at the sight of his extended wings and unnatural appearance. However, Gwen only watched him descend the flight of stairs. She did give him a curious look, but stayed where she was when he stopped in front of her.

"Do you live here alone?" Gwen dared question him. Lucifer only shrugged, pushing her question aside. He liked the girl's fearlessness; it would make it easier to kill her.

"Would you care for some food?" He asked her, gesturing towards the stairs. Gwen, without answering, walked towards the stairs with Lucifer following. A sly smile came to his face as he followed behind the intrigued Gwen. She felt like she should have been scared of this strange man and his tall tower of a house, but she wasn't. She actually felt comforted by his hospitality.

"You like steak, right?" Lucifer asked, leading her into a large dining room at the top of the steps. Gwen nodded, taking a seat at the head of the large table where he pulled a chair out for her. After serving her a big plate of food, Lucifer took a seat next to her with no food of his own. He preferred…other methods of protein.

"May I ask why you've ventured into my home?" He asked her, placing his hands neatly on the oak table in front of him. Gwen glanced at him and shrugged before putting a rather large piece of steak in her mouth. She hadn't felt hungry at all before, but as she started to eat she couldn't get enough of it. She felt herself eating faster and faster, barely able to stop for a breath.

"Have you had enough?" Lucifer finally asked her after she'd eaten three large steaks, two baked potato, about a pound of green beans, and at least five glasses of wine that she shouldn't have been drinking. Gwen finally stopped eating, leaning back in her chair with a nod to the man. He smiled at her, offering a hand once he stood up. In a food-driven daze, Gwen allowed him to lead her into another room. This one contained a large bed in the center, and a desk in the corner. This was the only furniture.

"If you'd like, you can use my guestroom for the night." Lucifer offered, leading her to take a seat on the bed. Gwen conscious finally kicked in and she hesitated for an answer.

"I wouldn't want to intrude…" She trailed off, not sure how she would escape the obvious trap she had so willingly stepped into. Lucifer only smiled, putting a hand on hers and only slightly pushing her down onto the bed.

"It would not be a problem at all. I would love your company, Gwen." Her thoughts were suddenly melding together and becoming fuzzy. It's just the wine, she told herself. But she knew it wasn't just the wine. He was doing something to her, something to make her stay here no matter how many times her brain told her to get the heck out of there. But she couldn't fight whatever he was doing. Gwen could only melt into the surprisingly comfortable bed and let sleep come upon her.

Meanwhile, Lucifer made preparations for her once she was awake. His plan was working flawlessly, as usual. They always fell for his kind hospitality and enchanted food. Now all he had to do was get Gwen to the pit. Or maybe, he though, it's my turn for a little fun. Lucifer grinned at the thought. Yes…a devious smile appeared on his face when he stepped into the room where she was sleeping. It's time, dear Gwen, for you to meet my good side.

She woke in as much of a daze when she fell asleep. Lucifer was standing in the same exact spot as when she fell asleep, except his face looked even brighter with an uneasy happiness.

"Ah good, you're awake. I have something to show you, Gwen." Lucifer took her hand in his, flapping his dark bat-like wings softly as they walked up another flight of stairs. Gwen spent the whole way considering escape options. She was slowly coming out of her daze, common sense coming back to her little by little. But no matter how hard she thought, there was no escaping this…thing.

"Here we are. These are my chambers, Gwen. I have a gift for you." He turned to look at Gwen, taking both of her hands in his and squeezing tightly. Eyes wide, she stared him without daring to breathe.

"Why don't you wait here, I'll go look for it in the study." He told her, gently shoving her into an old looking desk chair. Nodding cautiously, she watched him walk into the study. Once he was gone, she hurriedly looked around for an escape route. He's going to kill me! Gwen began to panic at seeing the only way out was through the door, which was right next to the study. He would surely see me. So Gwen stayed in the chair, trying to come to her senses.

"Look what I've got for you." Lucifer entered the room again, holding up a necklace. Gwen's panic flew away at the sight of it.

"It's beautiful…" She breathed, gently touching it with her index finger. Lucifer grinned, almost smirking, holding the necklace up to clasp in on her neck. Gwen admired it in a mirror he led her to, touching the sparkling yellow diamond in the middle of its golden links.

"This is for me?" She asked him, turning around. Lucifer nodded. Gwen smiled, looking once again at the necklace. Once she did, though, everything fell apart. The diamond in the necklace began to glow a vibrant yellow.

"It's working." Lucifer smirked. Gwen, suddenly scared out of her mind, looked up at him and then back at the glowing necklace.

"What's working? What did you give me?" She asked, trying to take the necklace off. Her attempts failed, however, as the necklace clasp seemed to have disappeared. The necklace suddenly grew hot on her chest as it glowed brighter and brighter.

"What's happening?" Suddenly Gwen couldn't breathe. The necklace was shrinking as it glowed and burned a vicious mark on her chest. It was choking her as she clawed at it, trying desperately to save her own life. All the while, Lucifer watched her failed attempts, chuckling under his breath.

Minutes later, Gwen was lying on Lucifer's floor. Dead. He took a moment, then, to enjoy the beauty of death. Her limp and lifeless body brought a wicked smile to his face. He loved the sight of it. Now for the real fun.

Lucifer lifted his hand to her body, chanting under his breath as he did. He watched closely as Gwen's body slowly lifted itself off of the ground. Her eyes were still shut, but her body began to move as he chanted louder and louder. She reached up to her neck, ripping the necklace off with inhuman strength. Then, with a final mumble from Lucifer, Gwen's eyes opened.

"What have you done to me?" She breathed out, looking down at her hands in astonishment. Lucifer let out a low laugh before answering her.

"I've made you into a monster." He told her, circling around her like prey. Gwen cowered away from him, backing into the desk chair. Lucifer simple walked towards her, grabbing  her arms and lunging out of the window. Gwen's scream pierced the calm night air as she clinched her eyes shut. She wasn't, however, falling. She seemed to have forgotten that Lucifer had wings.

"Quiet, my dear, else they'll hear you." He told her as they flew down to the forest of stone spires. Gwen decided to listen to his advice, as she had no idea what was out there in this hideous land she had wandered into.

"What are you going to do with me?" She asked Lucifer once he had landed. He stared at her for a moment, as if deciding exactly what he was going to do.

"I'm going to feed you to the wolves."

And by that, Lucifer quite literally meant that he was going to feed her to the wolves. Gwen knew it too. She knew she wasn't going to make it out alive. I already died...she thought confusedly.

"Ah, I knew they would smell you. Wolves have a keen sense of smell, you know." Lucifer acted so calm, so natural. As if killing people like this was normal for him. Gwen shuddered violently, the feeling of utter helplessness hitting her like a ton of bricks. It hit her so fast, she didn't even give a thought to bolting in the opposite direction of the man, or thing. But Lucifer knew she would try and run; they always did. Having wings, he was easily able to catch up with her short legs. Once he had, he twisted her arm behind her back, threatening to break it.

"Don't try and run, dear Gwen, it'll only make it last longer." He whispered, easily twisting her arm and snapping it almost in half. Her left arm was now basically held together by skin. Gwen shouted in pain, falling to her knees. But a moment later, it all went away, leaving her to stare at her previously broken arm in shock.

"What's wrong with me?" She asked breathlessly. Lucifer looked down at her completely healed arm a smile plastered on his face.

"You're immortal now, Gwen. You can't die. Except at the hands of your creator." He answered, looking behind her at the horror that was coming their way. Gwen's eyes widened as she looked down at her arm. She looked up at Lucifer, then behind her at the horde coming her way.

"We have to get out of here!" She suddenly exclaimed, jumping from the ground and attempted to run away. Lucifer grabbed her arm, shoving her to the ground as the wolves finally reached them. Gwen watched them incoming wolves, terrified in fright at the sight of them. Lucifer stood idly by, a smirk clear on his face.

Gwen let out a terrifying scream as one wolf pounced on her, taking a scary looking bite at her leg. Another wolf attacked her, then another, another, and they just kept coming.  Gwen's voice seemed to dwindle away as these wolf-mutants used her as a chew toy. I should be dead right now, she thought. But every time a wolf bit into her with its yellow teeth, it would just heal immediately. But she still felt the pain.

"Do you want to die?" As Lucifer stepped towards Gwen, every single wolf yelped as if they were in pain and ran away. Gwen had tears running down her face when she looked up at him and nodded. He let out a wicked grin, showing her his teeth.

"It seems that you can't die. Unless, of course, I kill you. But why would I do that?" He mocked, watching her sit up from the ground, a scratch on her shoulder healing as she did.

"Please, just kill me and get it over with. I don't deserve this." Gwen sobbed, kneeling in front of him. Lucifer only laughed, putting a hand to her cheek. Slowly, he sliced her cheek with his nail, causing blood to fall heavily down her cheek and her to wince in pain.

"Poor, poor Gwen…the world's never been a fair place." And with that, Lucifer picked her up again and flew back to the tower. Gwen shivered as they flew, looking down at what they passed. There was literally no escape. She couldn't even kill herself to escape from this evil man.

"What do you want from me?" She asked Lucifer once he had dropped her on the cold floor. Lucifer didn't answer. He was starting to get bored with his catch, so he decided to kick it up a notch.

With that thought in mind, he spun around to face and smacked her right across the cheek. He hit her so hard, her cheek began to bleed again, leaving her face to look nasty and bloody. He continued like this for what felt like hours to Gwen. He smacked, punched, and clawed, any method of torture he could think of, he did it to Gwen. He made sure, though, not to kill her. Only torture.

Finally, with the sun rising outside the window, Gwen cowered way from him in a corner. Lucifer was done with her now. He had enjoyed of minute of torturing her, but there was only so much fun to be had. So he decided it was to put the girl out of her misery.

"I'm done with you." He sighed, flapping his black wings impatiently. Gwen felt a moment of hope at those words, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

"You'll let me go?" She asked him. Lucifer obnoxiously rolled his eyes, looking down at her with almost anger.

"Of course not," He replied, pausing for a dramatic effect, "I'm going to kill you."

Gwen hopeful smile faded from her face as more tears cascaded down through the drying blood. She squirmed and yelped when he picked up her foot, dragging her to the center of the room. It was completely round, with no doors or anything. Only a large window.

"Good-bye Gwen." Lucifer, holding up his clawed hand, went to finish her off when she held up a hand.

"At least tell me your name?" She asked. He frowned, confused as to why she would want to know that, let alone ask. So he leaned in real close to her face, a smirk plastered to his face.

"Why I'm the devil of course."


"Turn it up." Steve quickly pointed at his mother to turn up the TV after seeing Gwen's picture on the news. Both he and his mother watched the screen intently for anything new.

"Seventeen year old Gwen Parker has been missing for almost two weeks without a trace of her leaving. Police say that she's probably run off with a boyfriend-" The news caster reported. Steve scoffed, turning his head away at their ridiculous assumptions. They've questioned him, yet they still think she ran off with someone else.

"Oh Steve…" His mother's voice made him look up at the screen in suspicion. What he saw, however, was much worse than a crazy assumption.

"Gwen Parker's dissembled body was found early this morning in Yellowwood Forest. Police say that she was murdered, but have no leads as to who the murder is. More on this story later. Now onto sports. Jack?" Steve's mother clicked of the TV, both she and her son staring at it with wide, shocked eyes.

"She's dead. Gwen's dead." Steve breathed out, his mother putting a hand on his shoulder. And the two just sat there, leaning on each other for comfort. The shock of their beloved friend and girlfriend's death was too much for them, and all they could do was sit. Sit and wait for the feeling of despair to pass.
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My fan-fiction "Loved by the Marauders". I know the beginning needs some work, but I promise the story and my writing gets a lot better and I have even started the sequel. So please, ignore the "Needs Editing" parts and just get into it before judging.


Chapter 1

My name is Cassandra Potter. Never heard of me you say well I don't know why you haven't because I am the younger sister of the famous James Potter. He is only 1 year older than me but we are like best friends. When he went off to his first year of Hogwarts I was devastated I wouldn't get to see him a lot and I was afraid he would make new friends. But James promised me that when I get into Hogwarts that I would still be his best friend. He is also SUPER protective of me. Now I am eleven and going to Hogwarts. I am so excited because James promised to introduce me to his friends and since my Godfather just happens to be the great Albus Dumbledore, I get to be in all of James classes I just had to take a test and I passed since James tutored me.

"CASSIE COME ON WE"RE GOING TO BE LATE!" James screamed from downstairs. I packed the last of my things and ran downstairs.

"How are we getting there?" I asked while handing my trunk to my dad and picking up my black kitten, Jade.

"We are going by side apperation. Is that all right?" My mom asked while James took her arm.

"Yep." I said popping the "P" and grabbing my dads arm. Next thing I knew I was being sucked through a tube and felt really queasy then BAM we are at King's cross in front of the train. I bent over and through up on the ground while someone held my hair. I knew it was James so when I was done barfing I thanked him.

"No problem, you never did like apperation did you?" he said while laughing and I nodded.

"Want to go meet my friends?" I nodded again but before we could go anywhere someone with black shoulder length hair came up to us.

"So who is this little beauty, I don't believe that I've seen you before."

"That is because I am a first year." Behind the boy James was fuming. Like I said overprotective.

"REALLY, cutie is a first year!" the boy said while slinging his arm over my shoulders. At this James exploded.

"GET YOUR ARM OFF HER YOU FREAK!!" James screeched. The boy took his arm off me and turned to James.

"Whoa calm down James, did you already call dibs." The boy teased. At this I started laughing so hard I was crying and on the floor.

"What's so funny?" the boy asked looking really confused.

"That's *giggle* my sister *giggle*." James said in between laughing.

"Really I didn't know you had a sister. Why didn't you tell us?"

"Well Sirius, I was going to make it a surprise and introduce her to all of you, but you had to go and ruin it by hitting on her." James said after he stopped laughing. Then Sirius, as I now knew his name, turned to me.

"Is this true or he just playing a VERY cruel joke on me."


"No it's true or No he's playing a joke on me?"

"No, he is my brother and he is super protective of me so I would watch what you do."

"Well I guess I will just have to try to get you when he's not around."

"That is going to be kind of hard depending I have all my classes with James and now he knows your plan." I said pointing to James standing right next to me. We all walked to the train. I tried to pull on my trunk but it was just too heavy.

"Here let me help you." Sirius said.

"Thank you, I am just going to say goodbye to my parents want to come James."

"Sure, Sirius will you save me us a compartment." James said turning to Sirius.

"Sure, sure." He said distractedly. We started to turn away when he yelled,

"WAIT," we turned around," how are you in all of James classes if you are a first year?"

"Because my Godfather just happens to be Dumbledore." I said as I turned around to leave I heard him say something like "Wow she just gets better and better."

"You know I don't like him flirting with you." James said as we walked over to our parents.

"You don't like it when anybody flirts with me."

"Yes true but I don't want you to get hurt and he is the biggest player in the school."

"Don't worry James I promise that when I get a boyfriend he will have to past your test first."


"Plus if I do end up with him and he breaks my heart you will probably break his head in so there." We were at our parents now so we said goodbye and raced back to the train just as the whistle blew we jumped on the train. We walked around until we found a compartment with Sirius and two other boys in it. James walked right in and sat in the only vacant seat. I stood awkwardly by the door.

"Are you going to introduce us to your friend here James?" a boy with tattered robes and light brown hair said.

"This is Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew." James said pointing to the boy with light brown hair first and then the short plump blonde haired boy.

"Hi I'm Cassandra but call me that and you will die a slow painful death I will give you 1 warning. So call me Cassie or Cass or anything really."

"Okay then Casndra-"Sirius started but was interrupted by James.

"She's not joking when she says that I still have the scars to prove it."

"Okay then Cassie where are you going to sit I guess I could go find another compartment." I said glumly as I started walking back out of the compartment but I didn't get there because someone pulled my wrist and I screamed and turned and punched the person in the face.

"What the heck was that for, I was just going to say you could sit in my lap?" Sirius said while holding his broken nose. In the corner James was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe, Remus was shaking his head and laughing silently behind a book, and Peter was trying to laugh like James but ended up hyperventilating.

"I am so sorry I just hate surprises."

"No kidding." Sirius said while walking over to Remus who I am guessing is the smart one of the group.

"Yeah when she turned 10 we threw her a surprise party and when everyone screamed surprise she screamed and punched the closest person to her which happened to be our dad." James said still laughing.

"What do you mean by "our" dad?" Remus asked from behind his book since he was done fixing Sirius' nose.

"Oh yeah, forgot that part didn't we Cassie. Well Cassie is my sister."

"REALLY." Screamed Peter and Remus at the same time.

"Yep I am his favorite sister." I said.

"You are my only sister."

"Exactly which makes me your favorite younger sister." I said while sitting on the floor.

"You know you really could sit in my lap cutie." When Sirius said that I think he regretted it because James immediately let out a battle call and jumped on Sirius and they started rolling on the floor fighting. I had to jump up on the seat to avoid getting sucked into it. I looked over at Remus for help and he rolled his eyes and he did a spell and they flew apart. I sat back down on the floor.

"I think I'm good down here thank you."

"What the heck was that about?" Remus asked.

"Oh well you know that's what happens when you have super protective older brothers." I said looking at James.

"I am not over protective just protective." He said while picking me up and putting me in his lap and putting his arms around me protectively.

"So what year are you?" Peter asked.

"Well I'm a first year but I have all my classes with James here."

"How did you do that?"

"Well Dumbledore just happens to be my godfather and he knows how close me and James are so I took a test and I get to do second year classes."

"Wow." Peter said.

"Yeah I know I would have never thought James had a sister let alone be close to her." Sirius said.

"Yeah well if you don't believe me you should have seen me when James left for Hogwarts last year I was so devastated that he would make knew best friends and replace me that I stayed in my room and cried for a whole week I didn't even eat."

"WHAT?" screamed James, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT?"

"Because I knew you would scream like that." Everyone started laughing but then a red haired girl came in.

"So I see Potter's got a girlfriend." She smirked. James stood up so fast trying to be all cool that I fell over. I stood up and glared daggers at him. I walked up to the girl and held out my hand.

"Hi, I'm Cassie and just so you know I'm not his girlfriend I'm his sister."

"Then why were you sitting on his lap?" she asked as she shook my hand.

"Three reasons 1) there was not another seat 2) he is an overprotective big brother and 3) Sirius was flirting with me."

"Okay then but you seem to nice to be his brother he is always being a jerk and pranking and hexing random people." When she said this I was mad no one can call my brother a jerk. My eyes turned red and James saw and backed up. See when I am mad or annoyed my eyes turn red everyone else looked stunned.


"Woah."Everone said at the same time as James tried to soothe me.

"Why does that girl hate James so much when James obviously has a crush on her?" I asked everyone.

"Because she is friends with Snivellius so she doesn't like us because Snivellius is like our arch enemy." Sirius said.

"Well okay I don't think she likes me either."

"Yeah I'm guessing so." James said and everyone laughed.

"We should probably go put on our robes we should be there soon." Remus said as he stood up to get his robes. I got my robes and started to walk out of the compartment to find the bathroom.

"Where are you going Cassie?" Sirius asked me.

"To go change in the bathroom."

"You can stay in here you know" when he said that I looked at James and saw him fuming trying to control his temper.

"I'd rather not." I said pointing to James. Sirius looked where I was pointing and laughed nervously. I walked out of there to the bathroom. When I left I heard James scream at Sirius and Sirius screaming like a little girl. I got to the bathroom and changed when I came out I was face to face with the red headed girl.

"Hi." I spat at her. She glared at me.

"I take back what I said you are just like your brother. You and he are jerks, heartless, and just bullies. So get out of my face before I give you detention." She spat back at me.

"You can't give me detention." I said as I glared at her

"Oh, yes I can because I 'm a prefect so that means you now have 1 detention with Professor Costner, the potions master, tomorrow after dinner." She spat and turned away. I stomped my way to the compartment. When I got there the boys were done changing.

"Hey Cassie do you wan-"James stopped mid sentence when he saw my eyes right now they were bright red.

"What's wrong Cassie?"

"That stupid girl gave me detention." I practically screamed at him.

"Who? Evans?"

"Yes Evans she gave me detention with Professor Costner tomorrow after dinner and called me and you cold jerks."

"Oh, not with Costner he's horrible."

"I know you told me a billion times over the summer."

"Hey, I know I will get detention with you so you don't have to go alone."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yep we would probably all get detention anyway because of the beginning of the year prank."

"Yeah you are most likely right can I do the prank with you guys?" I asked since I calmed down enough to sit down and talk about something else.

"Really you want to?" Sirius asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, why not?"

"Because I always thought all girls hated pranking." He said.

"Are you kidding me I love pranking. Where do you think James learned all of his pranking skills?" I said smirking and pointing to James.

"I think that it is the other way around." James said. After that I totally forgot about my detention. The rest of the way we talked about the prank. And when we finally got there we all separated with James promising to save me a seat. I walked over to the first year area. Got into a boat not even paying attention to who was in it I was just so nervous to see which house I was in. When we got to shore the giant led us inside and there was a woman wearing green robes and a tight bun on top over her head.

"I am Professor McGonagall and welcome to Hogwarts." She went on talking about the houses but I didn't pay attention n James had already told me about them and I knew I wanted to be in Gryffindor with my brother and his friends. The lady led us into a side chamber and said she would be right back. Everyone immediately started talking about what house they wanted to be in. She came back and everyone went silent.

"Stand in a line and get ready to be sorted." She led us through the big doors and we went inside the Great Hall. The Great Hall was magnificent there were plates sparkling gold and the roof was enchanted to look like the sky outside so it look like a stray night. I looked over at James and he and his friends were giving me thumbs up well except for Sirius who was blowing me kisses until James hit him. I laughed and kept walking to the front of the hall. I saw that Evans girl and glared at her and she glared back.

"I will call out your names and you will come up and be sorted." Minnie (my new nickname for her) said. She called up almost everyone except for me and a few others.

"Potter, Casandra." She called and I jerked at the name. I walked nervously up to the front and sat on the stool while putting on the hat. Great mind you have here the hat said. You would do well in Ravenclaw but you are too lazy. You are nice enough to be in Hufflepuff but you are too much of a mischief-maker. Now it's either Slytherin or Gryffindor. Hmmm……… I am going to have to put you in…
This is my fan-fiction "The Ashes of Ebony". I know it's a little choppy and could use some editing, but I wrote this a while ago. My writing has gotten a lot better since then and I've actually started the sequel. The spacing got a little messed up, but it should still be fine.

Chapter 1

It's very important in life.
Too bad some people think otherwise.
"EBONY, GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!" My sister yelled. I groaned into my pillow and ignored her. She was an early riser the total opposite of me. I heard some thuds but they were faint from all the way upstairs in my room.
"Ebony, if you don't get up I will get water." I heard her warn sounding a lot closer. My eyes widened as I sat straight up. I glared at her smirking face.
"Nymphadora Tonks if you do-" I didn't get to finish because she tackled me onto my bed making me scream.
"Don't call me Nymphadora." She growled her hair turning bright red. I bit my lips to stop from laughing and nodded.
"Okay. Will You get off me?" I asked. She rolled her eyes and got off letting me up. I looked at the clock on my wall and groaned dramatically when I saw it was 9:00 in the morning.
"Why on earth would you wake me up at 9:00 in the morning?" I whined as I walked into my small bathroom. She laughed and replied as I began to brush my teeth.
"Because we are leaving at 10:00 for the train station." She replied before walked out of my room. Again my eyes widened as I spit in the sink. I smiled both happily and mischievously. Today I am going to Hogwarts. YAY! I have never been to Hogwarts. My parents always home schooled me. They never told me why but I'm the type of person to go with the flow. Most of the time. This wasn't one of those times. I was always asking them why I couldn't go to wizard school but they always told me to go to my room with a sad look on their face's. I stepped into the shower with the warm water beginning to run down my back. I quickly got my hair wet and then changed it to cold. My sister says I'm really weird because I do that but I just say chicken. I love to confuse people.
"Ebony, did you finish packing last night?" My mothers voice called over the sound of running water. I giggled before replying as loud as I could.
"YES MOM!" I yelled and then began laughing to myself. I vaguely heard her chuckle before I stopped the running water and stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around me. I quickly blow dried my hair and changed into some jeans and a shirt that said love on it ( External Link). I also wore a black tutu over the jeans. I'm so awesome with fashion sense. I quickly I pulled my red hair into a high pony tail with my side bangs hanging down in my face and put a polka dotted headband in. I walked out of the bathroom in a really dramatic slow type of way. Too bad no one was in there to witness my awesomeness. I shrugged and grabbed my trunk from the foot of my bed. I had to lug it down the stairs as it had all of my belongings and school supplies in it. You would be surprised at how heavy that could be. Or not.
"Moan. Moan. Why am I moaning?" I said as lugged the trunk down the steps. I finally made it to the bottom and collapsed on the floor sighing.
"Ahhh that dang thing is so heavy." I said from the floor. I heard laughter and lifted my head up to see my mom, dad, and sister staring down at me laughing. I stuck my tongue out at them before standing up.
"Will someone please carry this for me? If I do someone might lose a toe. Or I might lose a toe. I DON'T WANT TO LOSE A TOE!" I said screaming the last part and falling onto the comfy couch clutching my toes to my chest.
"I'll carry it. Keep your toes on." My dad said taking my trunk to the front door. I smiled victoriously and sat up.
"Why are you so dramatic?" My sister asked sitting next to me. My mom went back to cooking. It was her specialty. My dad went into his room to finish getting ready for work. I shrugged and smirked at her.
"That's just the way I am." I said rolling my hazel eyes. She laughed and stood up.
"I got to go." She said walking towards the front door. I frowned and looked at the clock in the living room quickly. It only read 9:30o which meant we didn't have to leave for another thirty minutes.
"Wait, where are you going?" I asked running up to her. Worry flashed over her face but she quickly covered it up.
"Work." She replied before pushing past me and leaving grabbing her jacket on the way out. I shook my head walking into the kitchen. She's like twenty something so it's not impossible for her to get a job but she didn't tell me so therefore I was surprised by this. Well at least mom made french toast. I smiled as I breather in a bug whiff of french toast. I sat down at the table just as Dad did. He raised his eyebrows at me and I smirked at him. My mom then made the mistake of putting one piece of french toast down on the table. She knew how competitive dad and I were. I glared at her before turning to dad.

"Thumb wrestle." We said at the same time. I giggled before sticking my hand out to his already outstretched hand.

"1,2,3,4. I declare a thumb war." He said and then our war began. This is how we always settle things and it worked. Unless someone cheated then we had a problem. Dad and I have become very good at the game so it took about five minutes before someone smashed the others persons finger.

"Ha, I win." Dad said leaning back in his chair. I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Teddy, you cheated it doesn't count." I said using his first name. He laughed at me tilting his head back. It kind of sounded like an evil laugh. While he was doing this I quickly grabbed the piece of toast and slipped out of the kitchen. I laughed evilly in my mind. That is until I ran into a wall and fell on my butt. Stupid clumsiness. I think Tonks rubbed off on me. I stood up somewhat dizzily rubbing my head.

"Maybe we should just leave." I said to myself as I looked at the clock which read 9:45. I smiled at the thought of meeting actual friends and being sorted into my house. I knew a lot about Hogwarts surprisingly. When I was eleven I was accepted but my parents wouldn't let me go. I was sad but then they said they would home school me and then I was my usual hyper and happy safe. At least until I began to get lonely home schooling. When they told me I could go to Hogwarts this year I read all about it. I knew about the four houses and couldn't wait to be sorted.

"Yeah why not." My moms voice said from behind me. I jumped a foot in the air and once again fell on my butt. I glared at her as she laughed along with my dad. I stood up grumbling and walked into the front hall sitting on my trunk by the door. I tapped my foot impatiently as my parents slowly said good-bye to each other. My dad gave me a hug and left for work leaving me alone with my mom.

"Can we go now?" I whined. She shook her head and continued at whatever she was doing. I tapped my foot four more times before talking again.

"What about now" I asked. Again she shook her head not even looking at me. I frowned and tapped my foot six times before talking again.

"What about now please?" I said emphasizing please. She huffed and turned around grabbing her purse. I smiled and happily followed her out the door lugging my trunk along with me. The train station was only about fifteen minutes away and for some reason mom didn't want to apperate and instead walk but whatever. I walked along side her down the side walk. She had enchanted my trunk to float behind me and muggles couldn't see it. I love magic. The train station finally came into view as I skipped down the sidewalk. I grinned at the station as I waited for my mom to catch up. Eventually we got to the train station with thirty minutes to spare. I followed my mom through the train station and through the crowds of people. She stopped in front of a brick pillar and stared at it.

"Er- mom? Where are we going?" I asked her. She just shook her head and pointed at the pillar.

"Through that wall." She said. My mouth fell open but before I could reply she ran into the wall and went right through. I stared at the wall in shock. I shook my head waking me from my trance and looked around. Nobody was looking so I figured why not run right through a brick wall. I pulled my trunk in front of me so I could push it and then ran right at the wall without hesitation. Instead of running into it I did go through right into something else.

"Moan." I grumbled from the ground. I looked up to see a boy scowling down at me.

"Watch where you're going mudblood." He sneered. I looked at him confused. What's a mudblood? He walked away grumbling to himself. I rolled my eyes and stood up walking over to my mom who was laughing at me. Maybe I don't know so much about the wizarding world.

"That was funny." My mom said as I neared her. I rolled my eyes at her but chuckled.

"Yeah I know. I'm hysterical. I'm taking that as a compliment though." I said pointing a finger at her. This time she rolled her eyes before laughing. A whistle blew and we both looked towards the scarlet red train on the tracks. I whistled and mom sighed.

"Have fun. Write me okay?" Mom said giving me a hug. I nodded smiling.

"Of course." I said answering both questions. I gave her one last hug before I hauled my heavy trunk to the train. I attempted pulling my trunk up the small set of stairs leading onto the train. Key word being attempted. I huffed and stopped trying to get it up the steps.

"Need some help." Someone said chuckling. I turned to look at the person and instead saw more than one. The speaker was a boy with black hair and green eyes. He was standing next to a boy with red hair and freckles and a girl with bushy brown hair. Behind him was a girl with red hair. She looked like the red haired boy but in girl form.

"Um- yes please." I said awkwardly. I'm kind of shy since I've never really had friends. The two boys laughed while the girls smiled at me warmly. I smiled back as the red headed boy picked up my trunk with ease and put it on the train.

"Thanks. I'm Ebony by the way." I said sticking my hand out to the red haired boy. He shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Ron and this is Harry, Hermione, and Ginny." He said pointing to the other boy then the bushy haired girl and the red headed girl.

"Nice to meet you all." I said nicely. They walked onto the train and I decided to follow them since I had no idea where to go. I was about to ask if they minded when Ron and Hermione left saying something about prefects.

"Um- Ginny. Do you mind if I sit with you?" I asked her awkwardly. She laughed and nodded.

"Sure, come on." She said and then followed Harry down the train me following behind her. We walked all the way to the end of the rain where we finally found an empty compartment. Well besides a kid with a round face but they seemed to know him.

"Hey Neville." Harry said. I kind of hid behind them slightly nervous about meeting new people. Neville waved slightly holding a toad in his hands. Gross toads.

"Sorry couldn't find a seat. Everywhere else is full." The boy, Neville, said. Ginny poked her head into the next compartment and came back.

"Not this one. It only has Luna Lovegood in it." She said still holding her luggage. In fact everyone was. Neville then mumbled something about not wanting to disturb anybody.

"Don't be silly." Ginny said grabbing his arm and dragging him into the compartment. I fell into step with Harry biting my lip so I wouldn't laugh. Harry smiled down on me since I was probably a whole head shorter than him. I smirked up at him and we both simultaneous burst out laughing. I don't know why but we did. We heard Ginny talking but kept laughing for a minute straight before walking into the compartment with our trunks. Harry put my trunk on the shelf along with his and then sat next to Neville. Nobody besides Ginny and Harry noticed me. Then again only Neville and another blonde girl were in there. The blonde was staring at Harry as I sat down next to him.

"Had a good summer, Luna?" Ginny asked nicely.

"Yes. It was quite enjoyable, you know. You're Harry Potter." She said not taking her eyes off of Harry. Harry nodded.

"I know I am." He said smiling. Neville and I chuckled. Luna then turned her attention to Neville.

"And I don't know who you are." She said to Neville. Nevile's eyes widened as he blushed.

"I'm nobody." He said quickly. Ginny rolled her eyes making me chuckle.

"No you're not. This is Neville Longbottom and this is Ebony......." Ginny said trailing off not knowing my last name. I smiled and answered.

"Tonks. Ebony Tonks." I said holding my hand out to Luna. It seemed as thought Ginny and Harry froze while Neville gave me a slightly weird look. Luna stared at me with her pale eyes before shaking my hand. I smiled nervously thinking I did something wrong. Ginny and Harry kept glancing at each other as Ginny carried on talking.

"Um- this is Luna Lovegood. She's in my year but in Ravenclaw." Ginny said. I smiled glad that I at least knew something about the wizarding world. Luna smiled at us and then began to read her magazine again. Upside down. No idea why but she did. Guess that's just Luna. I like her.

"Ebony, Ebony, EBONY!" Someone shouted in my face. I screamed and jumped falling onto the floor in front of my seat. I looked up at the person who turned out to be Ginny. She was smirking down on me.

"What?" I said annoyed as I stood up. She laughed as I sat down next to Harry again.

"I just wanted to know what year you're in. I've never seen you before but you don't look like a first year." She said sitting across from me. I smiled.

"Oh. I'm a fourth year but I've been home schooled for my first three years." I said. Her face lit up.

"Really? I'm in fourth year too!" She said happily. I grinned happy that I had made a friend. Ginny then listened to what Neville was telling Harry. I tuned out which I do when I'm excited or nervous. In this case it was both. I was nervous about which house I would be in and excited about getting to Hogwarts and stuff. I want a snake. Wow, that was random.

Stop it Ebony.

You're being rude.

Am I really having a conversation with myself.

I think I am.

I should stop.

I think I used to many sharpies.


Even thought they are muggle things they are awesome.

I almost always have multiple sharpies with me. Right now I have a black one and a green one. I pulled them out of my pocket and began to write on my hand. Only then did I realize that I was covered in stinky slime.

"Why am I covered in slime?" I said looking up. Everybody in the compartment was covered in slime. Harry laughed next to me and I playfully glared at him.

"Well Neville has this plant and it exploded on us." He said simplifying it for me. I rolled my eyes as Ginny stood up.

"Here, Scorgify." She said and we were all clean. I then zoned out again. At least I didn't talk to myself again. I just drew random junk on my hand with a sharpie and thought. Just like at home.

"Ebony, do you want anything from the trolley?" I heard Harry ask. I looked up confused at Harry who was standing at the doorway. He pointed to a cart outside the door with a lady next to it. My eyes widened at the amount of food on the cart. It was overwhelming. I slowly shook my head and he laughed understanding that I had no idea what all of the stuff was. He walked up to the lady and handed her some money. She handed him a big stack of what looked like sweets and he came back in. I perked up when I realized it was candy. Harry saw me eying it all and laughed.

"Do you want some?" He said as he sat next to me. He dropped the candy on the seat next to him, in between Neville and him. He picked up a small box and handed it to me. I took it warily and opened it. A silky brown looking frog jumped out but my fast reflexes kicked in and I grabbed it and stuffed it into my mouth realizing it was chocolate.

"Wow, nice reflexes. You should try out for the quidditch team." Harry said in amazement. I raised my eyebrows at him my mouth full of delicious chocoalte.

"Wat's quidit?" I asked. It came out weird because my mouth was full but he still seemed to understand it. He explained how quidditch was flown on brooms and how to win the game and everything.

"Sounds cool." I said after I swallowed. It did seem okay but I think I would have to see it first. I've never really flown a broom or been up high so for all I know I could be afraid of heights. I looked down at the box to my chocolate and realized it was actually called a chocolate frog. A chocolate frog seems like something I would come up with. Either way I loved it and I asked Harry for another. He laughed and handed me one. I ate it and then asked for another and then another and then another and then another and then another.

"Um- Ebony. I think you've had enough." Harry said when I asked for another. They were making me really hyper and I was bouncing up and down when I had asked for another one. I pouted at him while Neville and Ginny laughed at me. Luna was reading her magazine, which was called the quibbler, throughout the whole time.

"Please?" I said. Harry raised his eyes at me but didn't respond because the door slid open. Ron and Hermione walked in on me rolling around on the floor dramatically. Ron and Hermione both stopped and stared down on me. I stopped rolling and looked up at them frowning.

What did you do to her?" Ron asked surprise while Hermione smiled at me. Harry shook his head laughing.

"Nothing. I gave her 7 chocolate frogs and then she got all hyper. I told her she couldn't have anymore and then she started pouting." Harry explained. Ron and Hermione laughed sitting next to Ginny and Luna. I pouted standing up and crossing my arms over my chest. They all rolled my eyes and that for some reason made me happy. I smiled and sat down happily next to Harry. Now they all gave me weird looks because of my sudden happiness.

"Are you okay?" Hermione asked me. I smiled dreamily.

"Yep." I replied grinning hugely. She raised her eyebrows but this time Ginny spoke.

"Well, then why are you happy all of a sudden?" She asked warily. I looked out the window at all the trees and houses flying by and then back at all of them.

"Because I have friends." I said. Hermione and Ginny awed and the boys gave me weird looks. Luna doesn't do much does she.

"Quit looking at me like that. It's not my fault I've been locked up in that bloody house my whole life." I grumbled. Everyone laughed and we enjoyed the rest of the ride to Hogwarts together. I was hyper the whole time. That's just what sugar does to me. Shows them to give me sugar. When we were almost there Hermione ordered everyone to change and by the time we were all back in the compartment we were there. The train came to a halting stop and I smiled skipping off the train leaving my luggage behind me. I skipped off the steps but stopped right as I landed. I saw the boy that I ran into pushing his way through the crowd angrily. He had really blonde hair. He looked kind of creepy yet good looking at the same time. Bad thoughts Ebony.

"Whoa! What's wrong Ebony?" Ron asked as he ran into me. I turned around to face all of them with a puzzled look on my face as I remembered running into the boy at the station.

"Who's that?" I asked pointing to the boy who was still pushing through the crowd like he owned the place.

"Malfoy." Ron sneered. I smirked pointing at all them.

"I take you all don't like him." I said smirking. They all shook their heads angrily.

"He's a right well git." Harry said angrily walking forwards. We all followed him to what looked to be a carriage. We stopped next to an empty one and my eyes opened wide. In front of the carriage were big skeletal horse. To put it best. Harry standing on the other side seemed shocked too. Luna saw us looking at the strange horses and spoke her dream-like voice.

"They're thestrials." She said. Everybody else was already in the carriage so couldn't hear us. We both looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"They're a what?" I said shocked still.

"They're thestrials. You can only see them if you have witnessed death." She said. My eyes widened but Harry's didn't.

"So you've witnessed death before?" I asked Luna breaking the silence.

"Yes. I watched my mother die when I was young." She said. I nodded kind of in my own head wondering who I had seen die. I can't remember even knowing anyone who died?

"Um- Harry who have you seen die before?" I asked awkwardly. His head snapped towards me scaring me but this time I didn't fall over.

"What? Oh what do you mean?" He asked. I gave him a weird look while Luna just stared at us.

"I mean who have you seen die before?" I said repeating the same question. This time his eyes widened and so did Luna''s a little.

"You mean you don't know?" He breathed. I shook my head slowly having no idea what he was talking about.

"Know what?" I asked really confused.

"Know who I am, my story, and what happened to me?" He asked. Again I shook my head and he chuckled slightly.

"Well, you didn't act very surprised when you heard my name so I don't know why we didn't see before. Well, I'm Harry Potter the boy-who-lived. When I was a baby Voldemort attacked my parents to try and kill me. My parents died but when he tried to kill me somehow he ended up dying. I was left with this but last year he came back." Harry said all serious-like. I whistled as he showed me his scar which was shaped like lightning on his forehead.

"I got that. Only one thing. Who's Voldemort?" I asked grinning slightly. Luna had gotten onto the carriage with the others who were all waiting for us.

"Um- well to simplify it he is a really evil wizard who has tried to kill me every year since my first year." He said. I nodded taking it in as we got onto the carriage which immediately started moving towards what I knew to be the Hogwarts castle.

"Okay, well I guess I'm sorry?" I said not knowing what to say about him telling me his story.

"You believe me? You believe that he came back last year?" He asked in disbelief. I nodded.

"Well since I knew nothing about this Voldemort dud and you are one of my only friends then yes I believe you." I said. Everyone in the carriage gasped when I said Voldemort.
"What? Voldemort?" I asked them. Again they all winced.
"Don't say his name." Ron hissed. I rolled my eyes looking at Harry who laughed.
"His name is feared by wizards." Harry explained. I chuckled.
"Then why did you say it?" I asked.
"Because Harry's a nutter." Ron said making everyone laugh. Hermione then began a conversation with Ginny while Neville and Ron talked. Luna read her quibbler.
"How about you? Who have you seen die?" Harry asked me. I snapped my head towards him before answering truthfully.
"Well, I don't really know. I don't even remember knowing anyone who died let alone saw them die." I said. He nodded drifting off into his thinking world leaving me alone to think. I only thought for about thirty seconds before I asked Harry another question.
"Harry, what's a mudblood?" I asked recalling what Malfoy called me. Harry winced.
"Oh, it's a name that people call muggle-borns. Mostly Slytherins and people like Malfoy. Why?" he said scowling as he thought about Malfoy.
"Oh! Well Malfoy called me one when I accidentally ran into him on the platform." I said. I wasn't muggle-born so why would he call you that?
"He did!" Hermione gasped. I nodded still thinking. Harry obviously wanted to ask me more about it but the carriage stopped and we all jumped off walking up to the magnificent castle. I have a feeling this may not turn out well
This is my new original story "Nature's Fate". I hope you all enjoy it; Chapter 1 should be up soon. Check out more of my stories on…
I'll try and post some here, though.




"Belles, this is insane. You can't do this." Annabelle rolled her eyes at her boyfriend, cupping his hand in her own as she smiled at him.
"William, I can do this, I have to. If I don't, you'll go to prison." She told him, a shudder running through her at the thought of going to prison. William didn't respond, his stare firmly set on their joined hands.
"William?" Annabelle finally questioned, pushing his chin up with her finger. He took in a breath, sighing deeply before nodding to her.
"You're right, this is the only way." Annabelle grinned at his agreement, turning to look at the building that loomed over the people who walked past it. She licked her lips in anticipation, looking away from the building.
"I'll be back before you know it." She nodded, squeezing his hand comfortingly. William only nodded, pulling her back for a kiss as she went to leave the car.
"Love you." He whispered. Annabelle, at a loss for words, simply smiled at him before fumbling with the latch on the door and exiting the little blue car. Deciding it was best not to look back, she headed into the building looking very dignified and innocent.
"Thank you." Annabelle smiled thankfully at a younger man who held the door open for. Few people have good manners, nowadays.
The young woman then skillfully maneuvered herself through the crowded lobby, riding the elevator to the tenth floor. Anxiously, she blew a piece of blonde hair out of her face, watching a small boy jump while the elevator climbed up the floors.
"Can I help you?" A woman, probably in her thirties, asked Annabelle, smiling kindly. Annabelle returned the smile, handing her an envelope with a key inside.
"I'm here to access my safety deposit box?" She hadn't meant for it to sound like a question, but the lady, whose name-tag read Susan, hadn't questioned a thing as she entered some numbers and words into her computer behind the service desk. Annabelle shuffled her feet, glancing around at the people asking to enter their own deposit boxes.
"Billy Jewels?" Susan asked, raising her perfectly trimmed eyebrows at Annabelle, who chuckled in reply.
"Billy's my husband." She lied. I'll have to talk to William later about his fake identities…
"Yes, of course he is. Right this way ma'am." Once again, Susan smiled at Annabelle as she directed her towards a room about twenty feet from the service desk.
"Gather what you need; you're free to leave once you're done." She told Annabelle, gesturing towards a box with the number 372 printed on it. Jane handed Annabelle the key before leaving the small room, locking the door as she did. Annabelle sighed in relief, quickly opening the small box and taking the bag in her small hands.
"You'll be alright, William." She smiled, pocketing the newly acquired item. Annabelle went to shut the box when something else caught her eye. It was almost too small to see, but when the light flashed on the glossy picture it lit up.
"What's this?" Annabelle muttered to herself, picking up the picture. Her eyes widened when she saw William in the picture. She hadn't recognized him, at first, as he had cut his hair since the picture had been taken, which might have been about a year ago. It was the person standing next to him that worried Annabelle the most. It was girl, not much younger than William, with her arms laced around his neck and her face red in embarrassment as he kissed her cheek. Annabelle's conspicuous temper flared.
"Worry about this later." She quickly reminded herself, shoving the photo angrily into her pocket and shutting the box with a slam.
"Thanks for banking with the Bank of Chicago!" Susan called after Annabelle as she made her way towards the elevator. She didn't respond to Susan, poking the down arrow angrily. Annabelle ignored the attempted small talk from a college kid in the elevator, walking with purpose into the lobby and out of the building.
"There she is! Grab her!" Annabelle's heart raced as two or three police men came around the corner, running towards Annabelle. She glanced hurriedly around for William's brilliant blue car, but it was nowhere in sight. He left me here…
"Stay where you are." One man instructed pointing his gun at Annabelle. The other told her to put her hands up, also pointing his gun not ten feet from her. She quietly obeyed, licking her lips as she turned around to face the men.
"We've got her." The first spoke into a walkie-talkie while the other searched Annabelle for weapons. He found no weapons, but he did take the bag that was the key to saving William. She frantically looked around, hoping William had just driven up the street. She was, however, terribly wrong.
"Looks a bit young for a jewel thief, don't you think?" The one who had searched her asked his partner, nodding his head at her to get down on her knees. The other man simply shook his head making a clicking noise in disapproval.
"How did you know?" Annabelle couldn't help to ask. They had been so careful to plan this; sending in Annabelle so they wouldn't recognize William, picking a day that the bank would be the most crowded so no one would notice her carrying around a bag full of stolen jewels, she even hacked into the secret camera system so that no one would have tape of that day.
"An anonymous tip now shut up and let me read you your rights." The second police man told her, bringing her hands behind her back to place the handcuffs on her wrists.
"Ow." Annabelle winced at how tight they were, but he paid no attention. She was then led to a nearby police car and shoved in the back like a toy doll.
"I haven't done anything wrong!" She tried to protest, knowing that she hadn't. The two men, now climbing into the front seat of the car, laughed at her.
"You were in possession of stolen property; I'd say you've done something wrong." The first man joked. Annabelle narrowed her eyes at him, though he didn't notice.  
"No! I was framed by William Smith; he's the one who stole the jewels!" She told them, forgetting all about their reasoning for getting the jewels back in the first place. To save William, when he's the one who set her up? Annabelle scoffed at the thought.
"We'll look right into that, sweetheart." But the two men weren't even paying attention to her, going on with their lives as she inched closer to the horrid days she would spend in prison. Why William? Why?

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